Peer support for digital skills & inclusion in Education and Employment


Hi, my name is Grace Cussen and I am a graduate of the Higher Diploma in Disability Studies in UCC. I am also a mum to four children. One of my daughters has been diagnosed with dyspraxia earlier in the year. Her fine motor skills difficulties mean handwriting is stressful, slow and ultimately painful for her. This is not a major hurdle because I know that use of an iPad and developing her typing skills will enable her to keep up with her peers and progress in education. This is a direct example of where digital technology can greatly reduce stress and enable education for a child.
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    Dear All,

    My name is Niall Gallagher, I am currently 24 years old, and I live in county Sligo in the North-West of Ireland. I am very interested in listening to popular music, attending musical theatre productions, travelling abroad, discovering new technology/gadgets, reading, and keeping up to date with a broad range of radio and TV programs. In terms of disability, I am Registered as Blind and have Reduced Mobility. My visual impairment means that I use a lot of technology in my day to day life, and my level of vision is non-functional in comparison to a non-visually impaired individual. Regarding my reduced mobility, it does affect me in terms of getting from A to B, but as long as someone guides the walking aid I use it’s not a problem. Despite the previously mentioned disabilities, I attended mainstream primary and secondary school, progressed on to college, and continued my studies to graduate with a Masters in Human Resource Management in January of 2015.
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      I am a mother of 3 children, 2 are Visually Impaired and attend mainstream school. Over the last 13 years there has been tremendous changes in technology and vast improvements in what is available to use in school. The challenge for a parent is to keep up with the changes, to assess what is the best technology for your child at any given stage in their education.

      As my children have progressed through school, I have gained considerable knowledge of the different hardware and software available to support them, as they transition from preschool, to primary school and onto post primary.
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        Hi everyone. My mane is Shauna and I am 21 years old. I have been vision impaired since birth but over the years my independence has very much increased with the help of the aids I have received through the NCBI and Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I got introduced to technology from a very early age and therefore started using it in primary school. I first got introduced to different types of magnifier such as dome magnifiers and magnifying sheets. As I got older I got introduced to zoom text on the laptop and also the ash technology distance camera and magnifier which allowed me to view the blackboard and to enlarge my textbooks. I found these devices very helpful at the time. When I began secondary school I received an opti verso distance camera but I was not pleased with it at all. The problem was that it required a laptop in order to work and the camera was connected to the laptop. However the laptop I received in secondary school was in less than acceptable condition and kept breaking down all the time. This frustrated me hugely as my SNA didn’t really care at the time that I was struggling to see the board and refused to help me out when I required help. My time in secondary school was an exhausting struggle coping with less than effective technology right up until I finished my leaving cert. When I began my studies at UCC things started looking up.
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