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I just found this article, totally agree with it and would like to share it with you:

I don’t mention my blindness in my CV, but I do mention it in cover letters. Just like the author of the above article points out, I mention that my blindness has created the opportunity for me to gather knowledge, understanding and skills that competing sighted applicants are unlikely to have – in the relevant context, of course.
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    The School of Education Studies at Dublin City University (DCU) is currently undertaking research with Irish employers about the opportunities and barriers of transition to employment for people with disabilities.

    The online survey will run until the end of June, is completely anonymous and can be completed by anyone in the organisation. It takes about ten minutes to complete.

    Complete the survey here.

      As I am currently attempting to put additional supports in place for my first employment venture after College/University, I thought it was appropriate that I would share information regarding the supports which are available for those in employment with a disability.

      The most comprehensive information I have read is provided by Citizens Information. There is a page dedicated to the topic of Employment and Disability. There are various supports listed, and further information on each support can be accessed by opening the relevant link. If you are searching for an employment opportunity, I would advise that you make contact with your local Supported Employment Office.
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        AHEAD (the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability) works closely with employers within the Willing Able Mentoring (WAM) work placement programme for graduates with disabilities.

        Through WAM, Employers and graduates get together in learning events and receive mentoring during paid work placements. This is a great way to build knowledge, skills and experience in workplace inclusion. More than 200 graduates have got placements through the scheme so far. At the time of writing this, current WAM opportunities include Trainee Accountant at Accenture and Software Development Analyst at Dell.
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          Workway is a joint ICTU/IBEC initiative to promote employment of people with disabilities. The site contains general information such as rights and regulations. I notice a photo of our DigiPlace4all Champion Shelly Gaynor at the Congress Disability Seminar 2012.

            Just came across this members organisation for employers – Inclusive Employers. It looks very interesting. Quite new and still small (about 40 employers) but does events, mentoring and training, awards, etc. Being UK-based but the kind of thing that could easily to expanded to include the whole of Ireland.

              The PEAT (Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology) website contains a wide range of information, advice, tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities for employers dealing with disability, workplace technologies, assistive technologies and accessibility training.

              It contains a lot of solid guidance for employers. Starting with basic questions like “what is assistive technology?”, it goes on to talk about how you can assess how accessible your workplace technologies actually are and what you can do about it. It’s a U.S. based site, but apart from the legal guidance, most of the information is equally applicable over here.
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