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Funding sources

You can apply for VAT refunds on any aids and appliances you need on account of a physical or mental disability. Some people with visual impairments have been given VAT refunds on mainstream devices like iPhones and iPads by arguing, quite correctly, that the functions of these devices are important to enable them to do many things independently.

The Citizens Information website gives full details of who is eligible and how to apply.

    A range of Special Needs and Tuition Grants is available from the Special Education Section within the Department of Education and Skills.

    These include the Assistive Technology Grant which is available to schools to fund the purchase of equipment for pupils who have been assessed as having a special educational need that requires specialist equipment in order to access the curriculum.

      Did you know that there are grants available to help private sector employers adapt or equip their workplaces for staff with disabilities? the Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant can be used to help may for equipment, software or building modifications. They can be used for new or existing employees. This is useful to help retain staff who develop impairments during their working life (many disabilities are age related) impairments. Having to switch skilled staff to other duties, or worse ‘let them go’, is a terrible outcome for both the organisation and the staff member. These grant help employers make the changes that can avoid those scenarios. Detailed information is available on the Citizens Information website.

        The Assistive Technology Acquisition Grant (ATAG) is an NCBI initiative which exists to help reduce the cost of assistive technology for people who are blind or vision impaired. The scheme is monitored for NCBI and advised on by the Visually Impaired Computer Society of Ireland (VICS). The ATAG is intended to help meet up to 10% of the cost of assistive technology which is not fully or partly funded by any existing grant arrangements and whose cost is being borne by an individual.