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I recently learned of a free eBook via the JAWS For Windows Mailing List, which focuses on teaching new JAWS users to use their screen reader in an efficient manner.
The title of the said eBook is ‘Getting Back to Work with JAWS’, and it can be downloaded as a ZIP File from this link.
The eBook in question covers three primary areas, and they are:

  1. JAWS and the basics of Windows 7.
  2. JAWS and using Internet Explorer.
  3. JAWS and Microsoft Office programmes.

Getting Back to Work with JAWS has been written by George Calvert, and the author hopes that the eBook will “give new JAWS users techniques, tips and strategies needed to become a productive JAWS user in a very short period of time”.
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    On February 24th, 2015, the Google Accessibility Team announced the release of five videos on YouTube to help blind and visually impaired people get started with Google Docs, Drives, Slides, and Sheets using the NVDA screen reader with the Firefox web browser on Windows.

      Enable Ireland’s National Assistive Technology (AT) Training Service runs both certified and customised AT courses and seminars targeting people with disabilities, therapists, educators and employers.

      The Foundations in AT course, accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), leads to the award of a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development. It is suitable for a range of professionals working in areas such as, therapy, education and ICT.

        This post will be of interest to those who are visually impaired or blind, and are:

        1. Thinking about using the Macintosh or other Apple technology, and would like to know more.
        2. Beginning to use Macintosh or other Apple technology, and want to improve their digital skills.

        The first of the two materials I would like to share with you, is an electronic book which has been made available via iBooks. The said eBook is Supporting Students with Low Vision Using Apple Technology, and will be of most benefit to those who have low-vision. That link will tell you more about the eBook, and allow you to download the mentioned book if desired.
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          All visually impaired tech users should check out the tutorials created by NCBI’s Technical Support Officer, Paul Traynor. They cover a very wide range of technologies and tasks such as using Facebook, Skype, YouTube, iTunes and Dropbox; booking flights online; setting up an email account; using Windows7, Vista and XP; Microsoft Word; Apple Mac and iPhone; installing antivirus software; etc. All tutorials are simple and easy to follow. You can get them from Paul’s tutorials page on Easylinks.