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We are committed to maintaining DigiPlace4all as an accessible website that achieves “Level AA” conformance to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. All functionality is designed to be accessible to the widest range of users, including those using assistive technologies. The site is designed to work on a wide variety of devices including PCs, tablets and phones.


Most of the content on the site is user generated and not all users have the skills or resources to make the content they upload fully accessible. For example, users who upload video files are encouraged to provide subtitles (captions) for people who are deaf or hard of hearing but are not always able to do so. As far as possible, DigiPlace4all moderators will edit content to make it accessible, for example, by adding appropriate headings and text alternatives for images when they are missing.

Known accessibility issues

Last updated 21 April 2015

We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of the DigiPlace4all website but there are some accessibility issues that are still being addressed.

Some combinations of screen readers and web browsers may fail to read the title of the main menu button correctly. A fix for this is being investigated.

The videos posted on the home page have subtitles (captions) for people who are deaf or hard of hearing but there are as yet no sign language versions. These will be created if resources become available.

How to send feedback on this website’s accessibility

We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website. Please email